The Trigger-CD-ROM:   "Myofascial Pains in the Head Region" 
by Dr.H.-W. Weisskircher

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What your patient wants to know 

The intention of this chapter is 

- to show the patient that thereare pains which have their origin some where 
other than where they are sensed, 

- to make him (or the therapist) familiar with the expression 
<myofascial triggerpoints> 

- to reassure him that these pains do not indicate life threatening symptoms 
and that there are therapeutic means to help him, 

- to show him a brief survey of therapeutic means. 
It can be run automatically with voice support, or step by step with 
underlying text. 
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Basics about muscles, myofascial triggerpoints and referred pains

The intention of this chapter is 
- to give the therapist basic information about muscles, myofascial triggerpoints 
and referred pain as a refresher 

- to visualize complex neurological correlations in animated graphics 

- to acheive a sound understandingof these correlations in order to explain them to 
the patient 
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Take them for a spin and have a look at the bones, muscles and the trigger points

In this chapter the therapist has aunique tool to help visualize anatomic structures 
which are significant in diagnosis and treatment : high quality 3D-portrayals of 
bones, muscles, nerves and vessels,and myofascial trigger points. 
In the sub-chapter <myofascialTPs> he can either choose the suspicious muscle to 
see the spreading of the referred pain or he can deduct from the referred pain zone to 
the responsible trigger point, all in 3D. 
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General and specific information for therapists

In this chapter a selection of therapeutic measures is presented 
to the therapist including those measures specific to certain Tps. 
Additionally the therapist receives information regarding prophylaxis 
of myofascial Tps. 
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The database enables the therapist to register pertinent data 
and to map the Tps on individual images with a print out option 
including 2 specific informationfor the patient. 

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The movement of a healthy and a dysfunctional TMJ

An image says more than a thousand words. Animated 3D-portrayals 
of the healthy and malfunctional TMJ are a useful instructional 
aid for the large percentage of patients with TMJ involvement. 
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Where is it? What does it mean?

An intelligent search engine, index,and glossary permit 
you to get in every single chapter without tiresome leafing 
through the chapters. 
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The CD-ROM is bilingual ( english and german).
The software release 2.5  is  PC ( Windows9*/NT/2000/XP )compatible and can be installed in a network.  An older version provides MAC compatibility, but no XP compatibility.

Price : 115,- Euro 



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